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outdoor dining at The Garland
bars near North Hollywoof
Close up of breakfast plate
bar and lounge at The Garland Hotel in Hollywood
Close up of a dinner plate

The Best North Hollywood, CA Dining... in Bed

In-Room Dining

In room dining room at guestoom in The Garland Hotel in Hollywood CA

the front yard To-Go

Enjoy food and drink in the comfort of your guest room or picnic style at one of the nearby LA attractions. 

To place an order, call extension 7285 from your guestroom or 818-255-7290 direct from the outside.

we'll save you a seat

The Front Yard

A neighborhood gathering place showcasing LA's diverse food culture in a setting as casual and comfortable as an evening at your neighbor's house. Come on over anytime and we'll set you a place around the table.

Brunch is available on Saturdays and Sundays.

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