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With the influence of LA roots The Garland can accommodate any dining experience. Whether it's a handcrafted cocktail poolside or a meal in the comfort of your guestroom, see below what we have in store for you!

The Front Yard

Coming 2015!

The Front Yard

Coming 2015!

Join us in the new year for The Garland's new dining destination.

Follow us to see what we're up to:

Courtyard Canteen

We're cooking up something new! We're in the process of renovating your dining experiences here at The Garland. During this time we invite your to join us at our cozy Courtyard Canteen, located adjacent to The Bar.

Breakfast | 6am - 11am
For those on the go, pick up a quick bite of pastries, fruit and coffee or dine on our breakfast buffet!

All Day Dining | 11am - 10pm
Try our Kale Chicken Caesar, Prime Burger and more!

Sultry North Hollywood Bars

Cocktails, Mingling and More

the Bar

Come lounge in the lobby and have a refreshing drink or enjoy your cocktail by the pool. The Bar features unique setting and comfy couches where you can meet and greet and start of a wonderful night.