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Conde Nast Traveler

Conde Nast Traveler 10.27.2015

2015 Readers' Choice Awards - Top 15 Hotels in Los Angeles

Yahoo! Travel

Yahoo! Travel 11.18.2015

Hotel Review: The Garland

Smart Meetings

Smart Meetings 01.05.2016

Hollywood Glamour at The Garland

San Fernando Valley Business Journal

San Fernando Valley Business Journal 01.11.2016

Valley Style: Hollywood Sequel 

Qantas Spirit of Australia

Qantas Spirit of Australia 01.08.2016

QBusiness. LA Storeys

Hotel Business Design

Hotel Business Design 11.11.2015

'70s Chic - The Garland Offers a Modern Twist on a Retro Vibe

NBC Southern California

NBC Southern California 05.09.2016

Silent DJ Yoga at The Garland

Hospitality Design

Hospitality Design 05.01.2016

Special Feature: Los Angeles

San Fernando Valley Business Journal

San Fernando Valley Business Journal 04.27.2016

Universal Studios Books Deal with Local Hotels

Time Out Los Angeles

Time Out Los Angeles 04.25.2016

Where to go for Mother's Day brunch in Los Angeles

NBC Bay Area Online

NBC Bay Area Online 04.25.2016

Worth The Trip - Universal Studios Hollywood: New Hotel Program

LA Confidential Magazine

LA Confidential Magazine 04.22.2016

Boutique LA Hotels That Have Gorgeous Pools for Lounging

Time Out Los Angeles

Time Out Los Angeles 04.07.2016

The best Tax Day specials in LA, including lots of cocktails for $1

The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter 03.25.2016

L.A. Easter Guide: Egg Hunts, Church Services, Brunch and What to Watch 03.24.2016

Where To Find Your Eggs and Other Delicious Bites for Easter Brunch

LA Times

LA Times 03.16.2016

Where to go for Easter Brunch in and around Los Angeles

LA Confidential Magazine

LA Confidential Magazine 03.10.2016

Space: The Guide-Hotels 03.10.2016

72-Hour Guide to Family Friendly Los Angeles

KidSpot: Things To Do

KidSpot: Things To Do 03.08.2016

6 Attractions in California that kids love more than Disneyland

The Luxury Travel Bible

The Luxury Travel Bible 03.04.2016

Luxury Resorts: The Garland, LA, California

LA Confidential Magazine

LA Confidential Magazine 02.22.2016

The Experts Guide to Interiors, Home, and Real Estate in LA 02.15.2016

14 Cool Places to Eat and Drink on Ventura Boulevard 02.05.2016

Tarot Readings and Caviar Facials: 9 Quirky Valentine's Day Ideas

Studio City Neighbors Magazine

Studio City Neighbors Magazine 02.04.2016

Love & Lore Endures at The Garland 01.19.2016

Beverly Garland Day Specials at The Front Yard

Beverly Press

Beverly Press 01.14.2016

Restaurant News: Beverly Garland Day 12.30.2015

Recover from New Year's Eve with These 8 Amazing LA Brunches 12.29.2015

And a Saucey New Year! Eve/Day Options 12.28.2015

Nurse Your New Year's Hangover at One of These Brunches 12.21.2015

Headed To A Bowl Game? Our Picks For Where To Stay 12.18.2015

Local Hotels to Enjoy a Last-Minute Holiday Staycation

California Wedding Day

California Wedding Day 12.14.2015

Mid-Century Modern Inspiration at The Garland in North Hollywood 12.10.2015

California Dreaming and Eating with "Top Chef" 12.10.2015

9 LA Holiday Feasts with Flair 12.07.2015

Luxury Hotels in Los Angeles Perfect for the Holidays 11.17.2015

2015 Cyber Monday Travel Deals 11.13.2015

2015 Black Friday Through Cyber Monday Travel Deals 11.10.2015

Valley Restaurants Serve Up Thanksgiving 11.09.2015

The Garland: A Stylish Hotel Star for Families in Hollywood 11.03.2015

The Best Boutique Hotels All Over Town 10.30.2015

Warming Dishes Angelenos Will Enjoy (Even If It's Not Really Cold)

Gotham Magazine

Gotham Magazine 10.26.2015

On Location: Austin Stowell

ELLE South Africa

ELLE South Africa 10.26.2015

The Great Escape: Los Angeles

Meetings & Conventions Magazine

Meetings & Conventions Magazine 10.09.2015

Los Angeles Local Update Group Venue

Austin Way Magazine

Austin Way Magazine 10.09.2015

On Location: Austin Nichols 10.08.2015

NoHo's Best Kept Urban Retreat: The Garland Hotel

San Diego Magazine

San Diego Magazine 09.23.2015

Bohemian Rhapsody

The Los Angeles Beat

The Los Angeles Beat 09.23.2015

Top Tastes at The Taste: Sunday Brunch and BBQ 09.23.2015

L.A. Times The Taste 2015, Sunday Brunch and BBQ, Flavors of LA 09.17.2015

The Front Yard Does Social Hour and Of Course Brunch 09.17.2015

The Garland North Hollywood Review


WHERE L.A. 09.16.2015

10+ Los Angeles Restaurants to Eat and Drink at this Week

Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure 09.11.2015

Which New L.A. Hotel Suits Your Personality? 09.10.2015

Los Angeles Hotel Guide: The Garland

DineandTravel Blog

DineandTravel Blog 09.10.2015

The Front Yard: Exquisite Food in a Playful Environment 09.08.2015

The Garland Completes $20 Million Redesign

Park Labrea News and Beverly Press

Park Labrea News and Beverly Press 09.03.2015

The Front Yard Review 08.28.2015

Garland Hotel Opens The Front Yard 08.26.2015

Forchielli Glynn, Rossi Architecture Update The Garland 08.26.2015

The Front Yard Debut Caps Garland Hotel Renovation

Luxury Travel Advisor

Luxury Travel Advisor 08.26.2015

Design Buzz: The Garland

Los Angeles Confidential

Los Angeles Confidential 08.24.2015

On Location: Austin Stowell and The Garland Grand Opening 08.14.2015

The Garland North Hollywood Gets a New Chef and Restaurant with Chef Chris Turano and The Front Yard 07.30.2015

LA's 12 Hottest Restaurant Opens in July


EaterLA 07.28.2015

The Front Yard Looks for All-Day Success Inside NoHo's Garland Hotel 07.28.2015

The Garland Completes Major $20 Million Multi-Phase Renovation 07.28.2015

What's Hot: Historic LA Hotel Gets Makeover

Hospitality Design

Hospitality Design 07.23.2015

The Garland Hotel Completes $20 Million Redesign 07.23.2015

Marcus Hotels & Resorts & Rio Vista Development Complete $20 Million Renovation of The Garland

Meeting Focus

Meeting Focus 07.23.2015

North Hollywood Icon Wraps $20 Million Makeover

Ventura Blvd Magazine

Ventura Blvd Magazine 07.23.2015

Taste of The Valley

Westphoria, a Blog by Sunset

Westphoria, a Blog by Sunset 07.22.2015

Our New Favorite SoCal Stays

Press Release The Garland

Press Release The Garland 07.20.2015

The Garland Completes Major $20 Million Multi-­‐Phase Renovation

San Fernando Valley Business Journal

San Fernando Valley Business Journal 07.13.2015

NoHo Eatery


UrbanDaddy 07.08.2015

A Yard Day's Night. A Canyon-Inspired Hideaway for House-Smoked Pork

Ultimate Wedding Magazine

Ultimate Wedding Magazine 07.07.2015

Top Wedding Venues in the U.S.A.

The New York Times

The New York Times 07.05.2015

Perks at Smaller Hotels Mimic Luxury Brands 06.23.2015

The Front Yard's, Cranky J, Will Put A Serious Smile On Your Face


MOMS LA 06.13.2015

Old Hollywood in North Hollywood: The Garland Hotel

Los Angeles Confidential Magazine

Los Angeles Confidential Magazine 05.26.2015

On Location at The Garland - Teen Player

Ventura Blvd Magazine

Ventura Blvd Magazine 03.10.2015

Unveiling on Vineland - a NoHo hotel with Hollywood history gets a glamorous makeover and new name. 

California Wedding Day

California Wedding Day 03.04.2015

Sweet Spots. From Rustic to Retro, Southern California's Finest New Venues Are Party Central 11.21.2014

LA’s Best Hotels for the Holidays 09.26.2014

Guess Who's Hiding in The Closet at The Beverly Garland Hotel?

San Fernando Valley Business Journal

San Fernando Valley Business Journal 08.11.2014

Valley Biz Seen